How to Be Creative When Designing Your Toy Hauler

If you have a love for adventure, then you will want to make sure that you and your family are fully equipped when you head off into the unknown. To facilitate this, you have a first-class recreational vehicle as your command centre, equipped with all the bells and whistles and essentially a luxurious home away from home. Yet this is not enough for you, as you want to fully embrace life outdoors when you arrive at your destination, and you're thinking about commissioning a trailer to haul behind your RV, euphemistically known as a " Read More 

Why Two Shot Injection Moulding May Be Good for You

People who want to manufacture plastic products can choose from a variety of moulding processes, such as single-shot injection moulding and two-shot injection moulding. Below are reasons why two-shot injection moulding would be beneficial to you as a manufacturer. What It Is Two-shot injection moulding refers to a manufacturing process through which a primary material is injected into a mould before another compatible material is also shot into the mould. The two shots can produce a fused part made from two different plastics. Read More