Why Your Business Needs Plastic Packaging Manufacturers

A popular option for social outreach programs and for smaller businesses is to offer packaged lunches. These lunches may be for the homeless, low income, or as part of an affordable lunch program. The key to remember with this type of service is keeping the food safe and easy to hand out. For those reasons, you should consider using a plastic packaging manufacturer. Here are some of the options they can offer your lunch business or service. 

Compartment Packaging

If you offer several options with lunch, such as chips or bread, you may want to have those items compartmentalized. This allows for the different parts of the meal to stay separate. This keeps the different parts of the meal from soiling or becoming too soggy or too cold. A plastic packaging manufacturer can offer several options including tamper-resistant packaging and sealed-off compartments to help maintain the integrity of the different foods. These packages can hold two or more items with the average amount being a three-compartment box.

Full Meal Boxes

Your meal service may offer a meat option, several vegetable options, and a dessert. This is very common for lunch services that want to offer more than a cold lunch option. This is also common with lunch services that offer meals for the homeless or meals to be picked up before the start of a workday. These plastic boxes can house several food items or plastic containers with different food options. You can get them in multiple sizes to fit the meal for that day or to fit large and small orders depending on your service menu. 

Condiment Sleeves

You may not think of condiments when you think about your lunch menu options. The truth is condiments can easily become containment and need the same amount of safe handling as your full lunch options. The manufacturing company can offer several types of condiment sleeves and packaging that fit your needs. They may even offer utensil packaging as well, which adds another layer of safety to your food items. 

These are just a few of the many options a plastic packaging manufacturer offers for your type of lunch service. If you need specific options, such as sandwich boxes, contact your local manufacturer today. They can help you place an order for the items you need. They can also help with delivery or shipping options. As you need refills, they can help with those as well.