Three Reasons Why You May Need a Flagpole Repair Service

Flagpoles are an ideal way of showing your pride in your business or your country. However, like everything else in life, things can go wrong, and there are times when you may find you need a flagpole repair service. Here are some of the things that can cause problems with your flagpole.

Vandal-resistant door

Many flagpoles come with a vandal-resistant system. This usually means that the rope and cleat system is hidden inside the flagpole itself and can only be accessed by a special door, which prevents unauthorised people from attempting to raise or lower the flag. However, this can cause problems of its own. The door itself can become damaged and may not open properly so that you will be unable to operate the flag yourself. It is also a fact of life that keys can go missing so that you will not be able to gain access to the mechanism. Fortunately, a flagpole repair service will be able to help here by repairing the door and replacing any keys that go missing.

Lost halyard

The halyard is the line that is used to raise and lower the flag. Unfortunately, it may get broken and get lost within the pole itself. How easy it will be to repair will depend upon exactly where it is, but if it is still in the pole they should be able to retrieve it and repair or replace it, together with the necessary clips and fixings. If it has been lost altogether though, they may have to take the pole down in order to put a new halyard and system in it — although if this is not possible they may be able to repair it from the top using a cherry picker.

Damaged pole

A third problem could be damage to the pole itself. A damaged pole could be a danger to anyone nearby and should be repaired as soon as possible. The repair service will need to take the pole down and take it away for repair — although if it is too badly damaged, it may need to be replaced.

A damaged flagpole will not be the source of pride you intended it to be, and it may be a danger to the public. If you are in any doubt, just talk to your flagpole repair service, who will be happy to advise on any problems and make the necessary repairs.

For more information, contact a local flagpole repair service.