What to Consider When Buying Portable Goalposts for Your School or Facility

The portable goalposts you choose for your school or other facility are very important as they need to be durable enough to withstand inclement weather and the risk of being hit by a ball or even a player while still being easy to set up and take down. Because there are so many options on the market for portable goalposts, note a few considerations to remember, so you know you get the right posts for your facility.


Aluminium, steel and fibreglass are usually the most popular options for goalposts. Steel is strong and durable, but it's also very heavy and may rust over time. It may also result in more injuries to a player who runs into a post, so it may not be good for older players, as their game play may be faster and more competitive. If you do opt for steel, be sure to invest in padding for the lower section of the posts to reduce injury.

Aluminium is more lightweight and easier to move around, and it also doesn't rust, but it may be more prone to denting. Fibreglass is very durable and won't rust, has a very low risk of suffering dents and is lightweight for easier moving.


Posts that use pins that get pounded into the ground are very durable and less likely to move or shift out of position, so these are good for very large posts that would otherwise tend to sway, or for playing in strong winds. However, these posts can't be anchored indoors, so if you need to move the posts inside and use them in the gymnasium, look for posts that use weights or locks at their base to keep them in place.

Size and storage

Many portable goalposts will come in different sections that need to be assembled when the posts are erected and which allow you to tear down the posts for easier storage and portability. When choosing goalposts, note the overall size of each of those sections and if you can store them properly. Posts that are overly long may not fit in your facility's storage room so that they cannot be locked up safely. Overly long posts are also more difficult to move around and to erect and tear down; remember this if you have the children in your school handle this task. Younger children may not be able to safely manage longer and heavier posts, so be sure you check the size and weight of each section of post, not just the assembled goalposts themselves.

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