Looking For Fabrication Services? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Try Water Jet Cutting

When it comes to fabrication services, there are many different ways to design and cut your materials. Common among them are CNC punching, laser cutting, and plasma cutting. When most people think about fabrication, they think about these options. However, there is another option that you probably have been overlooking all along. That option is water jet cutting. Water jet cutting is in the same league as other major alternatives such as laser cutting, if not better. And here is why you should try it.

It's very safe for the environment

Most cutting fabrication alternatives in the market are thermal based. This means that they apply intense heat to various parts in order to cut them. When you apply heat produced by industrial gases to various materials such as wood or metal, gases and fumes will be produced. Water jet cutting is a cold cutting process; no heat is used. This means that no gases, smoke or fumes are produced, making it a safe and pro-environment option.

There is no thermal distortion to parts

Thermal cutting technologies have another drawback to them. They tend to alter the properties of the materials they touch. In some cases, the heat may make the parts even stronger, but in some cases, the heat may lower the integrity of the parts. Being a non-thermal application, water jet cutting has no risk of altering the integrity or metallurgical properties of your products. And this means that you can rely on your products 100% just as you did before the fabrication process.

It's very fast and highly accurate

Speed and accuracy are top concerns when it comes to fabrication solutions. Whether you need finished products for clients or want processing fixtures for your work site, you need your products fast and accurately cut. Water jet cutting fairs very well when it comes to both factors. It's as accurate and fast as laser cutting or plasma cutting.

It's unique—try it out

And lastly, you should try water jet cutting because it's a highly-unique cutting method. You have probably considered other cutting-edge technologies such as laser cutting. So why not try water jet cutting? Its fast, it's accurate, it does not alter the properties of your products, it can cut large thicknesses, and it's environmentally safe. So go ahead, try a new fabrication solution and see what results you get.

Water jet cutting can be used to cut all sorts of materials. It can cut metals, wood, plastics, foam, rubber and more. To learn more about water jet cutting, contact a company like Chassis Line.