What to think about regarding registration when working as an engineer in Brisbane

If you're an engineer that is thinking about working for a company based in Brisbane, you need to be aware of that Queensland is the only state that requires all engineers involved in regional work to get registered according to their own legislations. This does not just apply if you're looking for a job in Queensland, it's also something you need to think about if you are working for a Brisbane based company in another state or country. It also applies if you own your own company overseas or in another state.


To be able to register as an engineer in Queensland, you need to have graduated with a relevant degree in engineering and also have relevant working experience to be able to show your skills. The different associations of different areas in engineering can also have their own specific demands to allow you to become registered. Chemical engineers, for example, require a membership in their association before accepting a chemical engineer that only has registered as an engineer.

Local graduates

For an engineering graduate from a university in Queensland, relevant working experience isn't needed to apply for registration to work in a Brisbane engineering firm. The universities often provide this to their graduates themselves to make sure the workforce in Queensland is rejuvenated locally.

For contractors

If you're a contractor that plans to offer your services to a company in Brisbane, you need to be registered according to applicable laws. You also need to make sure that all of the engineers that are working with you on the project are registered. If you're associated with an unregistered engineer while you are being in charge of the project, this could cause you the same consequences as if you were operating without registration yourself. This applies both if you're just head of the project and if you're the head of your company.


The consequences for operating as an engineer in Brisbane without proper registration are connected to the work you're performing while unregistered. Ultimately, it means you won't be able to obtain payment for the work you've been doing. If the offence is repeated, you or your company could be banned from doing work in Queensland. To avoid this, you also need to remember to reapply for the registration every year. The registration process is quicker when you've already obtained the license once, as you can fill in the application the same way again and also reference the fact you've already had the license during a period of time. The applicable, fluctuating fee will also have to be paid every time you reapply for registration.