Tips to choosing acrylic splashbacks

Acrylic splashbacks or splashbacks made from Perspex sheets are becoming a popular choice. They are slowly replacing glass splashbacks and are becoming a suitable alternative to tiles. Both companies and homeowners are choosing this material because it's stronger and a lot lighter. However, perspex sheets are not all similar. You'll need to be well equipped to choose the best acrylic splashback. Here are some of the best tips to consider.

Choose quality acrylic

Just as with any other product, the quality of these splashbacks vary. This is mainly dependent on the kinds of resins used and the setup process during its manufacture. Any presence of spots on the acrylic should be a red flag that the resins used were of lower quality. The best of acrylic looks exactly like glass. Some manufactures apply coatings that may alter the structural integrity of the acrylic. In fact, some of these imperfections fully reveal themselves after long periods of time. Ask for warranties and testimonials.

Colour method

Before making your purchase, you need to understand the various colour methods. There is spray painted acrylic, and this is what you are looking for. This tactic makes the acrylic splashbacks appear a lot clearer and brings a feel similar to the one you'd get on glass. It offers a high quality and greater colour depth. Additionally, you can have a wide range of colour options to select from.

There are also extruded acrylics that have a colour layer glued to them. Since the colour is just glued, it lacks vibrancy and depth. Extruded acrylics are also susceptible to fading and yellowing. Additionally, these types of acrylics don't allow for colour customisation, so you won't have as many options as you would with spray painted ones.

Perfectly clear

The best acrylic is perfectly clear. When choosing your splashbacks, beware of any spots or green tinge that may appear at the surface. The acrylic splashbacks need to be completely clear.

Budget and costs

Acrylic splashbacks are normally supplied as continuous sheets that are to be purchased entirely. Sometimes you may be forced to pay for what you won't use. Choosing a cut-to-size supplier can help you evade this.

There are also various grades of these sheets. Apart from acrylic splashbacks, you can choose to purchase High Heat Bonethane. This is a special kind of material with properties similar to acrylic, However, it's a lot stronger that acrylic splashbacks. Consequently, it is more expensive.