Important Reminders When Choosing Trophies and Awards for Your Staff

A trophy or award for your staff can be a great way to motivate your staff, as they will know that they are appreciated when they receive such a piece. They can feel a sense of pride in a certain accomplishment and be motivated to keep up their efforts. When shopping for trophies, plaques, and other such awards, you want to ensure you choose something that they will appreciate and be proud to show off, so note a few important reminders before you start working with a trophy maker.

1. Be aware of sensitivities about figurines

Be careful of any type of trophy that might be controversial or insensitive when it comes to figurines or the human figure. For example, a trophy for an attorney may include a woman holding scales, but some staff may not appreciate it if that woman is not fully clothed! Some trophies that include figurines or the human figure may have them in various states of undress, and members of your staff may find that offensive; even if you don't find such trophies bothersome, remember that this is about your staff, not you. 

Note too that a trophy with a figurine that is obviously white may not be appreciated by a black or Asian employee, and women may not appreciate getting a trophy with a male figure at the top. In many cases, it can be good to choose a trophy with something more generic and sensitive; look for a shooting star, crescent moon, and the like, rather than a figurine.

2. Proof everything carefully

Your staff member will not appreciate a trophy with their name misspelled, or their specific accomplishment also misrepresented. If your employee's name is Bo, be sure the trophy maker didn't assume you meant Bob. If they achieved $2.5 million in sales, be sure the trophy doesn't say $2 million. Your trophy maker will usually have you fill out certain forms and then use the information you provide on those forms, so take an extra minute to look them over very carefully before you submit anything. Ask someone else on staff to proof your submission for even extra assurance that everything is correct.

3. Invest in material according to the achievement

A plastic molded trophy might be a fun thing to hand out at your quarterly sales meetings, but it may not be the best choice for someone who is retiring after 50 years of service or who worked for a full year to close that multi-million dollar deal. Invest in a trophy, plaque, or other such award that fully reflects the occasion and the reason for such an award and it will be more likely appreciated by your staff.

Keep this information in mind and contact trophy makers for more info